If you are looking for dedicated or on-demand security guard services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Plaza Protection is the leading provider of a variety of security guard services. Headquartered in San Jose, CA with over 10 years of extensive experience, we provide effective custom security solutions based on the client’s requirement, specification, and the environment.

Our security guard services include:

Security Guards: Secure your people and your property with Plaza Protection’s security guard services in three different attires. Choose the one or all three of them as per your property’s unique needs so you can rest assured everything safe & secure.

  • Uniformed Security Guards
  • Casual Security Guards
  • Black Suit Security Guards

Vehicle Patrol: Equipped with the mandatory technology, our security vehicles are always on standby to meet your needs through high visible presence, which serves as a deterrent to criminal activities.

  • Dedicated Vehicle Patrol
  • Random Vehicle Patrol

Foot Patrol: Need a strong & consistent visible security presence? Plaza protection foot patrol services offer one of the most effective ways to cover large areas that vehicle patrol cannot, to deter crime on residential or commercial property & to ensure violators know the location is highly patrolled.

Front DeskPlaza protection offers highly trained and expert front desk guards in all aspects & with ample experience to keep people as well as the building, whether residential or commercial, safe and secure at reasonable-priced rates.

Fire Watch: We proudly employ a team of licensed and certified fire watch guards that continuously patrol the property to look for signs of fire or smoke, maintain fire watch log, and more, equipped with the technology to instantly report the hazard to the authorities and the fire department.

Plaza Protection’s Cutting-Edge Technology

We utilize proprietary web & mobile technologies to streamline our security operations. From security guard scheduling, tracking, reporting, to sharing it all with our clients on the client portal in real-time. Together, it helps us provide phenomenal security guard services that our clients deserve every time

To know more about Plaza Protection’s security guard services, visit us at plazaprotection.com. Even better, contact us or request a custom quote today to hire our services.