Among all the effective security measures available today, hiring a private security guard is still the most advisable & reliable way to secure your business. But, the type of private security services or the number of private security guards required completely depends on the severity of security threats a business faces. A lot of businesses opt for dedicated private security guard services for around the clock security.

But to be honest, neither are all the private security services companies same nor are the private security guard services they provide. So, while choosing a reliable security patrol company to be aware of the essential attributes they must have to deliver outstanding private security services. If they don’t, here’s how that will negatively impact your business.

Increased Criminal Activities

One of the main reasons why private security guard services are hired is to deter criminal activities on-site. Not having a reliable private security services company can backfire, making your business vulnerable to theft & vandalism more than ever. This, in turn, can lead to an increase in the number of incidents hampering the growth of your business significantly.

Degrade Your Business Reputation

Increase in criminal activities despite private security guard services instituted on your premises is sure to turn a lot of eyes. People concerned about safety will look for another place to visit. Your employees may develop second thoughts about working with you.

Nowadays, everyone wants to frequent a business they can trust. So, hire the right private security services company the first time, equipped with technology and well-trained guards to make everyone  feel safe & secure.

No Procedures To Handle Incidents

No matter how good the private security guard services you hire, incidents are bound to happen. What matters is how efficient the private security guards are at identifying, preventing, & eventually handling them.

Private security guards of an incompetent private security services company will put your business at risk without any procedure in place to handle the incidents. Without it, a serious situation is more likely to erupt into chaos, which you definitely would not want.

Lack Of Detailed Guard Tour Reports

Guard tour reports sent by guards from post-sites are valuable for both the private security services company and clients. Reason being, these are the ones that provide detailed insight into site performance & productivity along with various other details in real-time.

Not having access to them or if the guard tour reports are not detailed enough will never help you analyze as to why an incident took place. And that won’t allow you or the private security services company to take preventive measures to never let that happen.

Construction Site

No Trackable Security Guard Patrols

Another one of the biggest reasons why private security guard services company lack in performance is due to the fact that they don’t have the technology to track their guards on-site. When security guard patrols are not trackable, it automatically reduces guard accountability & productivity significantly. Hence, it results in poor private security guard services that aren’t reliable & trustworthy as they attract more crime.

No Contingency Plans For Emergencies

Every business has an emergency plan, if not it is the job of the private security services company to point that out. That’s how a private security guard knows if there’s a fire, earthquake, or other disasters, what procedures need to be followed to ensure everyone’s safety.

But having a private security guard services company with poor standards on-site, they may not be prepared to secure the location & people in times of crisis. Thus, leading to more chaos.

Experience Legal Liability

A tech-savvy private security guard services company can not only ensure your business is secured but also the data of your client is protected effectively. To be not able to do that can attract legal damages, and that can be costly enough to shut down the business.

So, look into the kind of technology the private security services company uses to have some peace of mind. However, that’s not it. Untrained guards unaware of their legal limits can take the law into their hands, which again can make you as well as their company liable towards their actions.


Hiring a private security guard services company is a big step for businesses of all sizes. Even when there are reliable companies like Plaza Protection providing the best & cost-effective private security services, it demands quite an investment in the long run. Before you hire a private security services company, make sure you do it right the first time else be prepared to face the consequences.