Today, every modern business owner faces a unique security threat at every turn, and unauthorized access is the most common of all. It is considered as one of the major risk factors for information compromise. And, the traditional ways once used to eliminate it, pose a greater threat due to various loopholes. Since keys can be stolen and/or copied, badges lost, they can create a security gap that can easily be taken advantage of. 

So, in this blog, we will go through common ways unauthorized access is gained and how private patrol services of a reliable security guard company can help prevent it. Let’s get started, shall we?

Common Ways Of Gaining Unauthorized Access:

Tailgating: Tailgating is one of the most common ways to gain unauthorized access. It happens when an unauthorized individual follows the authorized personnel without providing their credentials through a door.

Collusion: Known as a more intentional form of tailgating, the authorized personnel purposefully act to let the unauthorized individual who otherwise wouldn’t gain access through a secure door exposing the facility to risk.

Door Propping: Unlike collusion, door propping is often used by employees to gain quick access back to the building. This can lead to unauthorized individuals gaining access to the building and potentially risk everyone’s life and assets within.

Levering Doors: Common courtesy or user errors contribute to the possibility of unauthorized access, but so does a criminal’s ability to break in through the door. You’ll be surprised how easily doors can be levered using a small screwdriver. 

Lost, Stolen, Or Loaned Keys: Difficult to track when lost, keys can pose a major problem when an employee who needs it to access the facility occasionally. Re-keying locks could prove expensive in such scenarios and also time-consuming when it is reported missing.

Access Cards: With the added advantage of identifying the authorized user, these cards act as a great alternative to traditional keys. Yet they are prone to similar risks of being lost, stolen, or shared, leading to unauthorized access in the building.

Companies because of unauthorized access are subjected to physical theft of valuable devices and pieces of equipment, compromise of crucial information, vandalism, and even risk to human lives. The companies, therefore, must address existing loopholes to prevent possible threats, and one affordable way to do that is to contract security services from a reliable security guard company.

How Private Patrol Services Help Combat Unauthorised Access?

The first and the foremost step you need to take to combat unauthorized access is to define how it can occur at your industrial site. Next, with the help of the security guard company, develop a program that could eradicate any possible loophole by hiring dedicated private patrol services.

Here’s how hiring security guards can prove beneficial:

  1. The job of every security guard is to strategically fix security in the weak areas of the facility, and that begins with patrolling the perimeter to ensure complete security.
  2. Next, the security guards controlling access to the building can help address a wide range of risks. The problem with traditional ways to ensure it today is that they have critical weaknesses. They create various limitations on how well they can help security guards mitigate real-world risks within the facility.
  3. Security guards equipped with a visitor management system can further provide an effective way to control, identify, as well as flag non-company employees if required from accessing the building.
  4. The security guards can enforce all the company policies and procedures in order to identify, challenge, and address unauthorized persons easily.
  5. Security guards strategically placed at various entrances & exits of controlled areas in the building that only authorized personnel can access can effectively reduce tailgating and door propping. They can ensure that all the personnel on-site entering & exiting the area can be identified and accounted for.
  6. Security guards are highly trained professionals. They understand the adverse implications incidents could have. Hence, they can respond and investigate the situations quickly and as needed.
  7. Nowadays almost every facility has CCTVs installed to monitor premises and prevent unauthorized access. Security guards from behind the screen can constantly keep an eye on the activities and notify the authority of an incident immediately.
  8. One of the common issues you are going to deal with if you don’t get security guards is people trespassing and disrupting the flow of work. The mere sight of security guards on the property will discourage them effectively.

What measures are your company taking to combat unauthorized access? Would you hire private patrol services to deal with such situations? Do leave a comment below to share with us.