Do you know that well-trained security guards are far more active, efficient, and effective than any other security guard when it comes to productivity? The reason being, they are trained to take correct measures and actions in case of a security breach while ensuring you get the best security guard services. They are trained to easily identify risk, manage evolving threats, and tackle any security violation without letting them de-escalate. Trained security guards are an essential aspect of any business.

Plaza Protection’s Trained Security Guards At Your Service

Whether it is for commercial buildings or residential communities, Plaza Protection employs qualified and skilled security guards that are actively trained to meet the challenging needs of all our clients. 

All our guards are competent and well-experienced to provide a variety of security guard services from customer services, de-escalation situations to seeking the help of law enforcement personnel when required, and much more to keep you, your assets, and clients safe. Watch the video below to know about our guards.

Hire Plaza Protection Security Guard Services

Plaza Protection provides 24/7 security guard services in San Jose with a team of highly trained guards who are licensed, insured, and uniformed to patrol actively and report efficiently. Our security guards can do more than just stand and watch. 

If you are looking for a dedicated security guard company in the San Francisco Bay Area with trained and experienced security guards, hire Plaza Protection. We are the leading security guard services provider, dedicated to delivering services customized to your needs. To know more, visit us at or contact us today.