Keeping the property safe from crime is one of the most crucial aspects for businesses to sustain growth. But apart from that, there are an overwhelming number of elements present in today’s businesses and hundreds of ways in which one can get breached. One significant reason why it happens is that businesses only have a vague understanding of their security. Employing foot patrol security services from reputable and licensed security guard companies that customize their security programs to their client’s needs can help offset the potential for loss and ensure utmost safety.

But the question still stands unanswered. What are those rational business components that demand foot patrol security services? So, here’s a list of those 4 components that we’ll explore together. Shall we?

Huge Parking Lots

Parking lots irrespective of their size and where they are located have long been a target for many types of crimes. They are the perfect spot for criminals to smash windows and grab valuable items when no one is around both during day and night time. Worst case scenario, they may even steal the vehicles completely. 

Multiple Exits & Entrances

Bigger the property, multiple the number of entrances and exits to serve the clients, employees, and service providers. Businesses in such scenarios often have only cameras installed to keep thieves and other criminals at bay. However, they are quite inefficient if you are unable to provide reliable and continuous monitoring.

Great Volume Of Foot Traffic

Businesses that experience a high volume of foot traffic on their premises are usually the ones to encounter multiple cases of theft and burglary. It can be hard to keep track of every individual. Adding an additional layer of security guard services to patrol the property can safeguard your business from unwanted intruders day or night.

Increased Crime Rates

Apart from various factors, the neighborhood your business is in dictates the kind of security guard services you’ll need. So if your neighborhood begins to experience changes in crime rates, it is a queue for you to start exploring your security options to establish a more positive and safe environment for both your employees and customers.

Hiring Foot Patrol Security In The Bay Area:

Hiring dedicated foot patrol security from a reliable security guard company well-equipped to efficiently patrol the property can effectively cause various crimes like burglary, vandalism, and theft. If you are looking for a professional security guard company in the San Francisco Bay Area, Plaza Protection is at your service. 

We design custom security programs based on thorough security risk assessments that help us discover critical vulnerabilities and deliver better security guard services. For more information, visit us at or request a free quote.