Are you looking for perfectly reliable, professional, effective, and economical security guard services in the Bay Area? Look no further Plaza Protection is at your service. 

Redefine your security standards with Plaza Protections’ reliable and custom security guard services adapted to meet the unique risks and challenges. We offer:

Foot patrol initiates one-on-one interactions between citizens and guards. Foot patrol guards can immerse themselves into the community to the extent that other types of security guards can’t.

The presence alone of security guards can help enhance your property’s safety and reduce risks of vandalism or theft. But if you are looking for security guard services with better coverage, consider hiring vehicle patrol security.

When all necessary precautions have been taken, accidents can still occur and destroy your property. Therefore, hire trained fire watch guards to detect and report a fire immediately and directly to the fire department.

For more information, let’s go through the infographic below:

Security Guards

At Plaza Protection, we make it a priority to ensure we create a robust security program, our guards are professionally trained and available in different attires with security equipment to meet your unique needs. There are numerous reasons why hiring Plaza Protection’s dedicated security guard services is the smartest thing to do.

If you are looking for security guard services customized to your needs, submit a request for a custom quote, and we at Plaza Protection will assist you in developing a security program as per your needs. For more information visit us at