As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, it has spurred an enormous demand for security guards due to the increased risk of criminal activities. So whether you operate a shopping mall, a business organization or a healthcare facility, hiring security guards can assist with situations when immediate security assistance is required. With their job description further expanded, they can help by stepping up to the current challenges.

Let’s take a look at different ways security guards can help you & your business during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Help Reopen Businesses

As lockdown restrictions across the country begin to ease, with the help of a reliable security guard company and their custom security patrol services, different security programs can be developed. With a thorough risk assessment, a program can be designed around site-specific challenges. It will help provide different ways to look at reopening business while maintaining the health safety standards of the workplace. 

Screen Employees & Visitors

COVID-19 in a very short time has dramatically expanded the job responsibilities of security guards worldwide. They are now playing a big role in enforcing strict policies of hygiene. Plaza Protection security guards have all been trained & prepared to ensure that while screening employees & visitors for temperature coming into the building, ensuring everyone’s safety. It is becoming the new normal. 

Enforce Social Distancing

In various sectors including retail & healthcare, the main guarding focus before COVID-19 was towards loss prevention and employee & visitor safety. It is still an issue but is no longer the sole focus. Security guards from a reliable security guard company can be used to enforce social distancing measures in addition to other health safeguards imposed by local governments for additional safety.

Patrol Actively & Regularly

With most of the commercial buildings and shopping malls closed, security guards on foot patrol or vehicle patrol can ensure their security. They can monitor the premises via CCTVs and can additionally patrol your site to ensure the fire alarm is kept in check & to confirm whether alarms are real or false. The security guards can also conduct security checks over a specified area & write comprehensive reports outlining what they observed on patrol.

Deter Criminal Activities

Burglars might be attentively looking for opportunities to take advantage of the situation. Thus, increasing the chances of thefts and break-ins significantly. Unoccupied homes, unlocked cars, empty commercial buildings, etc. are easy targets. Hiring security guards can help deter crime by providing non-violent crisis intervention & becoming the ears & eyes to report anything suspicious as well as detain criminal violators if required.

Maintain Order Proactively

Security guards can work in collaboration with the business owners & especially healthcare facilities to enforce restrictions & ensure law & order is maintained to protect the organization’s customers, staff, & property. Security guards can be stationed at the entrances to prevent infected patients from escaping the off-site quarantine facilities. They can act as the spokesperson for the current status situation and spread more awareness.

Implement New Policies

With constant development in the pandemic situation, businesses will need to stay on top of creating & smoothly implementing new policies & procedures to ensure the safety of their employees & customers. For instance, the control crowd in shopping malls. Security guards can help support the new policies & procedures & improve the way they are implemented without much hassle. 

Plaza Protection Security Patrol Services:

The Plaza Protection security patrol services besides providing these solutions to businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area are committed to letting the client have clear visibility into what’s happening at their site through the Plaza Protection client portal. If an incident should occur, you can be notified in real-time. If your instructions change, all that information can be sent through post orders to security guards, and have it acknowledged live and so much more.

Eventually, for us, it is all about putting the right security guards with the right technology inside our client’s security program to make them much more effective in difficult times like this. To know more about Plaza Protection security services, please visit us at or request a free quote today.