Hiring security guards is one of the most effective risk management tools for HOA. But, if not managed properly, it, on the contrary, can create more threats. Now, no one would want that, or would you? Which is why hiring the right security guard company and it’s professional security guards play a critical role in that. 

But, the question still stands, how can they ensure the safety of your HOA community? So, without much ado, let’s get the answer to this question for you. 

Round The Clock Security

One of the most obvious benefits of hiring dedicated security guards for an HOA community is 24/7 security. Highly responsive security guards and managers managing them using a patrol management system can ensure not only the people residing in the community are well protected and watched over but also the properties by enforcing HOA rules & regulations. It’s one of the reasons why their mere presence is enough to deter crime, vandalism, burglary, and more.

 Detailed Reports

Apart from ensuring the safety of everyone in the community, reporting every detail to the management is one of the main jobs of security guards. At Plaza Protection, the technology or the patrol management system we use allows our security guards to share the reports with us & as well the clients in real-time. Thus, serving the purpose of keeping everyone updated regarding every patrol being conducted & incidents occurring on-site to take appropriate actions.

Professionally Trained

Directly hiring security guards is one of the most common mistakes HOA managers commit. It’s true that one can save money that way, but the process can be quite exhausting. Which is why hiring security guards through a security guard company instead is highly recommended. They are not only licensed & insured but also professionally trained to achieve greater visibility to deter criminal activities and educated in site-specific issues, discretion, and problem-solving. 

Strategic & Effective Patrols

Vehicle patrol vs foot patrol is a tough choice to make even for HOA community manager. Isn’t it? Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but that’s for you to decide depending on your requirement. But when strategically these patrols are conducted, they can provide reassurance to the people, that they live in a safe & secure community. Investing in them both can, therefore, provide everyone with the peace of mind that’s often desired. 

Traffic & Parking

Security guards in a HOA community can help monitor traffic to ensure the people that should be in your neighborhood are the ones in your neighborhood. If equipped with a visitor sign-in software as Plaza Protection do, they can also capture details of the people & vehicles to keep a record and to enhance emergency response. In addition to that, security guards can enforce parking regulations and resolve parking issues or disputes within the neighborhood effectively. 

If you are an HOA manager looking for dedicated security services in Bay Area, Plaza Protection is at your service. Contact us today to know more about our services.