Conducting security patrols is one of the most important jobs private security guards have to do on a daily basis. Providing regular reports assure the private patrol company & the client that the private security guards are conducting them properly. However, they are initially trained to check off various things of the security patrolling checklist to provide outstanding private security services.

You might already be aware of the attributes you really need in a reliable private patrol company but are you aware of what security patrolling checklist for guards includes? Well, let’s briefly take a look at a few sections with examples for better understanding.

1. Doors & Windows Checklist

Every security patrolling checklist irrespective of the private patrol company is created to, first of all, ensure that the private security guards check the doors & windows on the premises thoroughly. As trivial as it may sound, it is one of the most basic yet important tasks carried out by the private security guards on a daily basis to ensure the safety of the client’s property.

What they often look out for in doors and windows while patrolling, let’s briefly take a look at its security patrolling checklist:

  • Are all exterior doors furnished with proper locking devices?
  • Are all windows, including those above ground level, properly installed with a locking device?
  • Are hinges that are exposed on a door’s exterior equipped with non-removable hinge pins?
  • Are basement windows shielded by bars, wire mesh, or other means?
  • Are all exterior doors & windows locked when the building is unoccupied or at night time?

2. Lights Checklist

The second most important thing every security patrolling checklist for private security guards includes checking the lights as thoroughly as doors & windows on the premises. Reason being it’s a critical factor that acts as a deterrent to crime on client properties. Identifying the areas not properly lit can eliminate it, and that’s where the job of private security guards begins.

  • Are exterior lights installed to illuminate the exterior of buildings and their alleyways?
  • Are interior lights left on at night?
  • Are entrance lights left on at night so intruders will be clearly visible when forcibly attempting to enter the premises?
  • Are lights left on in strategic locations to allow people passing by and/or police to see easily into the premises from foot or vehicle?
  • Are timing devices used to turn lights on and off to give the impression the premises are occupied?

3. Intrusion Checklist

The private security service providers often dedicate themselves to take all aspects of security into their trusted hands. Which is why a section related to security alarms is also considered an important part of the security patrolling checklist. Given below are a few questions private security guards usually ensure to check off the checklist while patrolling.

  • Do you have a security alarm system?
  • Was it properly installed by a licensed contractor?
  • Does the system cover all areas of your dangerous points fully?
  • Is your security alarm system inspected regularly?
  • If the security alarm is tampered with, damaged, broken, or otherwise odd?
  • Is your alarm system monitored by a centralized station?
  • During checks, does the security alarm system sound in the building only?
  • During checks, does the security alarm system dial a pager, cell phone, or security personnel?


4. Car Parks & Service Area Checklist

Even a safe looking parking lot & service area can be vulnerable to risks and situations can escalate quite quickly. All of it usually happens if it’s not adequately lit or secured by dedicated private security guards. If that’s too much to ask, just having guards patrol and ensuring every area is well lit can help.

  • Are car park bays and markings clear and visible?
  • Are the car park & service area lights working?
  • Are the service area entrances clear and hazard-free?
  • Are skip area and skips clear?
  • Are entry and exit barriers in good working order?
  • Are zebra crossings clear and hazard free for pedestrians?

5. Building Access Checklist

Securing a residential building is not an easy task to accomplish. Private patrol companies understand the risks and their responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone residing in the building. It’s the reason why private security guards are trained to patrol extensively. Mentioned below are a few things that are often included in their security patrolling checklist.

  • Are tenants aware of the building procedures for allowing access to visitors?
  • Are laundry, kitchen, mechanical, and storage rooms secured after normal business hours?
  • Are ladders, boxes, and other equipment put away after use so that they are not left for use by anyone intent on criminal behavior?
  • Are plants near entrances, windows, or sidewalks maintained at a height of two to three feet, or just below window level?
  • Are the premises or sections of the premises available for use 24-hours a day?
  • If a section of the building is open for use 24-hours a day, is movement from the open section to other sections of the building restricted?

6. Perimeter Checklist

Perimeter security is of utmost importance irrespective of the type of client site. However, the area does play a critical role in choosing the type of private security services you would require on-site. Larger the area to be covered, highly the vehicle patrol services is recommended as compared to its alternative. But, what does its security patrolling checklist include, take a look:

  • Is the perimeter well-defined to mark the extent of the property?
  • How is the quality and strength of walls and fences?
  • Is the perimeter security multiple layered?
  • Are the access points to the property restricted to a number?
  • How’s the visibility around the site? – Clear lines of sight, space free of obstacles, lighting.

Having a private patrol company with such extensive security patrolling checklist can ensure the level of private security services you desire is delivered to you without any doubt. And now that you’re aware of what private security guards can do for you don’t forget to make the most out of it.