Separating high performing private security guards from the under-performing ones is not as complicated as it may sound. But yes, in order to figure it out, you will need to be aware of what to look for in private security guards. So, get ready to know how high performing private security guards stand out & provide excellent private security services.

1. Patrol Actively & Report Efficiently

The first and the most important job of every private security guard is to patrol actively and then comes efficient reporting. Based on these two factors, one can easily separate performing private security guards from the latter. To do that, look out for the body language of the guards patrolling on-site such as balanced positioning of the body, firmly planted feet, etc. As for the reports, look for how detailed & professionally written they are.

2. Consider Quality Over Quantity

High performing private security guards will any day prefer providing quality private security services over getting things done. They will always try to produce work that will meet or exceed the established standards. In order to do their job right, they will ask questions despite providing clear post-orders. Because unlike others you won’t find them completing tasks on-site for the sake of it. Afterward, they will proactively look for open shifts to take on more work.

3. Self-Motivated & Ready For New Challenges

One of the main reasons why employees underperform is when they feel undervalued or unmotivated. Private security guards in that case soon begin to lack energy, confidence, and commitment in their role to provide outstanding private security services. But, the ones performing well are often self-motivated. They are always willing to take on new challenges after accomplishing the one assigned to them by their manager using the patrol management system’s security guard scheduling software.

4. Look Forward To Enhancing Skills

Learning is a never-ending process that helps everyone grow personally & professionally. Always looking forward to enhancing their skills to achieve their goals & progress to the next level is the reason why high performing private security guards are where they are. Under-performing private security guards, on the other hand, are content with what they’ve learned. They’ll wait for their managers to sign them up for training to gain additional knowledge and put it to use on-site.

5. Willing To Make Fearless Decisions

The job of private security guards is such that they have to work in dangerous work environments. Meaning which they often have to deal with situations that will require making fearless decisions. Unlike underperforming private security guards, high performers won’t be afraid to make tough decisions whenever or wherever necessary on-site. They won’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them as they work.

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6. Accept Constructive Criticism Happily

Dealing with criticism, even if it’s constructive is tough. Defending oneself is the first thing that often one does. High performing private security guards know that to improve, they need to understand what’s expected from them and how they are doing. For that, they require regular feedback from supervisors, managers, & clients. Since all their activities are tracked using a patrol management system, it allows supervisors & managers to direct them efficiently.

7. Confident & Calm In Tough Situations

Staying calm and confident during crises is not everyone’s cup of tea. High performing private security guards understand that. Therefore, they work towards achieving the ability to calmly analyze situations, solve problems, deal with common security threats & simultaneously be more productive. Underperforming private security guards, on the other hand, may try to avoid such situations and without taking charge call in for help.

8. Communicate & Collaborate Effectively

High Performing private security guards are known to have strong interpersonal skills. Their ability to communicate and collaborate, especially in the stressful work environment is what makes them stand out. It shows in their guard tour reports, which we at plaza protection can customize using our patrol management system as per the reporting requirements of our clients.

If the private security guards you hired showcase these traits, be prepared for outstanding private security services.