Security guard services are one of the most important aspects of managing a commercial enterprise. Business owners should learn to evaluate security guard companies San Francisco. Because some security guard companies offer security guard services that are not of great quality. That is why, before hiring commercial security guard services, business owners should learn to identify the signs that let them know they are hiring the wrong company. This is important because your risk exposure can increase if you hire security guard services from the wrong company. Here are some red flags and signs that you shouldn’t hire security guard services from a company. 

No Licensing

Individuals who work as security guards in San Francisco are expected to have the proper license. The same also applies to the companies that employ them. Plaza Protection security guard and patrol service is a licensed security guard company and provides reliable security guards for your commercial enterprise. 

Inexperienced Security Guards

Oftentimes, former law enforcement officers or military veterans seek employment at security companies that respect their experience with a higher price. Firms that want to save on payroll will not attract veterans of the police departments and military. They often hire individuals who are new to the field of security guard services. Newcomers to the security industry need to undergo at least 80 hours of training. An experienced security guard will obviously provide better protection than an inexperienced one. So, when deciding on your security guard service provider, choose one that offers experienced individuals. 

Business Complaints and No Referrals

Provider of security patrol services tends to get referrals from clients, especially after their guards successfully manage a tough situation. Not having any referrals is a red flag, and the same applies to companies with a record of complaints. So, a company that completely lacks referrals and has complaints on its name should not be the one you hire. 

Low-quality Equipment and Unkept Uniforms

If the security guards are using old equipment, that means the company only cares about cutting expenses instead of improving the quality of their security guard services. An example would be a torn, Ill-fitting, and dirty uniforms that suggest the company is stingy.

If you are looking for a reliable security services company in San Francisco, turn to Plaza Protection. We have over ten years of experience in the industry, and we offer a wide range of security guard services. We also tailor our security programs to meet your needs. Contact Plaza Protection today.