Installing CCTVs and alarm systems are a great way to start investing in the security of your business. But truth be told, these measures alone aren’t enough and are only useful after a crime has been committed to figuring out the person behind it. This is where security patrol services from a reliable security guard company such as Plaza Protection comes into play. The security guards can help you protect what’s most important to you before anything happens.

But do you know what’s worse than that? Not investing in either of these security measures. And here’s why you should start considering it right now.

Encounter Trespassers Often

Trespassing is one of the most common things that you can experience when there’s no one to keep a check on who is entering and exiting the building. Without dedicated security patrol services, everyone has the absolute freedom to walk in and out. In that case, an unauthorized person with wrong intentions can easily enter the building and pose a security threat to everyone.

Create An Unsafe Environment

Criminal activities can take place anywhere and at any time. So, if you think just because your business is in a safe neighborhood there’s no risk of a criminal act, please reconsider it. Hiring dedicated security patrol services will only add another layer of safety. Further ensuring lawbreakers are made aware of the fact that the business is constantly monitored to make it more difficult for them to commit a crime.

Insecure Parking Lots

When the tiniest of details can make the environment of the parking lot less safe and secure, imagine what chaos an unattended lot can unleash. If you have a parking lot that’s unattended, any employee or a visitor will feel unsafe walking from and to their car at any time of the day. That will take a toll on reputation. Staffing dedicated security guards in parking lots can greatly improve safety and give everyone the peace of mind they deserve. 

Encourage Employee Theft

Business owners have a million responsibilities. Wanting to worry about employee theft surely will be the last thing on that list. Yet, that happens. Even if you believe your employees would never do that, it happens. In contrast to other people, employees with indirect exposure to your business are more likely to get away without being caught. Having a dedicated security guard can help identify them and protect your business from those who don’t have the best intention.

No Incident Record Keeping

Keeping a record of day-to-day activities regarding safety, personnel, property, and incidents is one of the key tasks expected of security guards. It helps track patterns and make better decisions while strategic planning. Also, the reason why it’s crucial is that it protects the business from liability. Not having security guards to do it means the responsibility of doing it rests on you and your employee’s shoulders. Are you ready to carry the burden of it?

Interrupt Business Continuity

Without any security patrol services, be it foot patrol or vehicle patrol, guards in uniform or casual attire, your business is set to witness regular disruptions to your business continuity. With unauthorized people sneaking in busy employees dealing with tribal issues, it is imperative that the productivity of the company is also greatly impacted. Hiring trained security guards to deal with such issues can support the business’s proceeding unconditionally.

Effect Company’s Financial Growth

It may seem like the most bizarre thing on this list but, if you think about the amount of money that could be lost due to criminal activity, it won’t be any longer. Trivial crimes and vandalism have become the harsh realities that affect all businesses alike. Investing in security patrol services may seem like a lot to secure the business but, when compared to the above-mentioned factors, you may save substantially more.

Plaza Protection Provides Dedicated Security Patrol Services

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