Security in high-rise buildings is an ever-present concern for tenants, building managers, and the general public. In order to better protect the occupants of such buildings from potential threats posed by criminal activity or acts of terrorism, security personnel are often placed at various points throughout the interior spaces of a building. For example, one common method used to provide protection against intruders involves placing guards at entryways leading into the interior spaces of a building.

Why High-rise Buildings Need To Be Secure

As the population increases, so does the demand for housing space. This increase in demand has resulted in a growing number of multi-family apartment units being constructed. The construction of these new apartments is typically accompanied by an increase in crime rates. In fact, “high-rise” (or tall) buildings are among the most common targets for break-ins. So, it’s no wonder that security in high-rise buildings is of utmost necessity.

High-Rise Buildings, And Their Vulnerabilities

High-rise buildings are generally made up of several stories above ground level with individual floors connected via stairways. On each floor, there may be multiple tenants living together and/or working together. These tenants will also share common areas such as hallways, laundry rooms, etc., which makes them vulnerable to theft or vandalism. The vulnerabilities normally found within high-rise buildings can range anywhere from loss of personal property to physical safety issues for the building occupants.

Types Of Security High Rise Buildings Require

Alarms, visible and concealed cameras (CCTV), access control systems, electronic door locks, fire alarms and sprinklers, intrusion detection system, force-fields, and other devices can be used in a variety of ways to deter or prevent unwanted entry into the building and deal with other kinds of hazards. Additionally, some of these devices may include monitoring capabilities, allowing for remote monitoring and management of the whole system. Securing high rise buildings requires cooperation between several departments onsite, including security guards, fire watch security, maintenance, facilities management, and others. All departments need to work together to create an effective security program.

Final Thoughts

High-rise buildings are not safe. A spate of high-rise fires, accidents, and natural disasters have made it clear that there is a dire need for increased safety precautions in these skyscrapers. These concerns can be tackled by security guard services, such as foot patrol, fire watch, and vehicle patrol. This article covers what you should know regarding security concerns of high rise buildings, what vulnerabilities are present, and what kinds of measures might be taken to mitigate those vulnerabilities.