Hiring private security services for a business is one of the toughest and the most critical decisions to ever make. There are so many private security guard companies out there to choose from. How do you decide which one is best for your business? The struggle is real, from asking yourself if your business needs security patrol services to hire one or not. Well, that is why just for you, we have created a guide that will help you through this dilemma. 

Are you ready to get started with the questions? Let’s do it.

Are They Experienced & Reputed?

The first & the most important aspect of hiring a private security services company is to know how much experience & reputation they have gained in the industry over the years. That will ensure they have the right knowledge, skills, and tactics to protect your business from various threats. Investing in such private security guard companies is therefore highly recommended.

Are They Licensed & Insured?

After the experience & reputation of the private security guard companies, what matters the most next to that is whether they are fully licensed & insured. For every professional private security guard company to operate as a firm, acquiring a license is mandatory. Also, a reliable private security guard company will ensure it’s fully insured and will be more than glad to let its client’s know.

Do They Use A Patrol Management System?

Today, without an efficient patrol management system, private security guard companies might not be able to provide effective services. However, the kind of patrol management system they use is rarely taken into consideration by the clients while hiring their private security guard services. So, don’t forget to ask about it and its functionalities.

Are Their Guards Monitored Or Supervised?

Well-managed private patrol guard companies have a well-defined chain of command. That helps ensure every private patrol guard is properly supervised in which the patrol management system plays a vital role. With GPS tracking abilities, the supervisors can monitor guards from a remote location. They can make sure the guards are performing their duties, conducting site tours, reporting regularly, & more, adding accountability.

Private Security Guard

Do They Offer A Client Reporting Portal?

Nowadays, a client portal has become a crucial part of delivering excellent services for security guard companies. It enables them to provide clients secure access to the portal that allows them to access critical reports, tracking, & visitor data on a single platform. Plaza Protection client portal is designed to not only give clients insight into site productivity but also invite users to the portal & manage user access on their end.

How Fast Is Their Response Time?

Apart from deterring criminal activities, responding to incidents that require immediate action is the other ulterior motive of hiring professional private security services. And, Plaza Protection achieves it by offering 24/7 dispatch service while equipping the security guards with a patrol mobile app to respond to dispatch tickets in real-time.

How Cost-Effective Are Their Services?

Assuming that, the higher the price you pay for private security services, the better the benefits you get are often quite not true. Plaza Protection offers dedicated private security guard services at highly affordable prices, & that too without any hidden cost. Therefore, before you seal the deal, ensure you know exactly what you are paying for. Ensure you are not paying extra for the cost of equipment, uniforms, etc.

Can They Offer The Kind Of Service You Need?

Before you sign a deal with a private security services company, make sure not only you but also they have identified the reason for which you would be rendering their services. Make sure they offer both the different types of private security guard uniforms & security equipment to equip guards with. Further, by ensuring they specialize in providing custom industry-specific private security services, take it to the next level. 

Security Guards Training & Qualification:

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, security guard training and qualification is yet another factor that a client can take into consideration and deserves to be mentioned here. As they are the ones going to patrol and protect your business from any harm, it’s something you should be aware of.

And that’s how you make sure you hire the best private security services for your business without any hassle. Simple, isn’t it?