There are some basic techniques required to provide security patrol services. From staying in contact with a supervisor to walking without causing attention to yourself, being a security guard requires you to remain focused and stay calm. Below are some tips that will help you provide safe and effective security patrol services.

Always Carry the Defensive Equipment

Always carry your defensive gear regardless of where you are going for patrol or what the routine is. Security guards should never compromise their defensive gear. This will help guards protect themselves against the unexpected. Besides defensive gear, security guards should also carry a radio, flashlight, baton, and pepper spray when performing security patrol services.

Proper Clothing

You should always make sure that your guards are dressed appropriately to perform their job. For example, on duty, security guards should wear shoes that will allow them to perform physical activities such as walk and run efficiently and effectively. Comfortable footwear ensures that guards are able to perform a range of motion, and this will also protect them from getting injured.

Stay Mindful on The Job Site

Sometimes security guards are asked to do private patrol services. In such a case, make sure the security guards are properly briefed about the property. They should know if there is anything dangerous around them. You should also let the guards know about the protocol of the place.

Patrolling at Random Breaks

When it comes to providing security patrol services, you should never be predictable. Because being predictable allows the criminal minds to create plans, which weakens the patrol efforts and can also cause harm. Make sure the guards are not being tracked. This can be done by varying the times between security patrol checkpoints. This will make it harder for criminal minds to make plans and operate.

Vary Your Route

Generally, security guards are assigned to different checkpoints throughout their shift. However, this makes the movement of the security guards predictable, which allows crooks to outsmart security guards. Always keep the movement of the guards unpredictable so that the crooks find it harder to make any plan and execute.

Know Emergency Procedures

Make sure that the security guards are well versed in all the emergency procedures when providing security patrol services. For example, they should be knowledgeable about what to do in case of a fire.