Hiring residential security guards can be tricky if you are not aware of what to expect from them. In case you are aware, then well and good, but if not, do not worry. For you, we’ve jotted down the top 10 characteristics you should look for in residential security guards to build a security-conscious residential community, irrespective of where you are. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Verbal Communication

All good residential security guards are expected to possess the ability to communicate effectively. After all, one of their main jobs is to interact with the residents with the ultimate goal to instate order & tranquility. It also helps to build stronger relationships and acts as a deciding factor in handling tricky situations. 

Body Language

Body language is a distinct characteristic that residential security guards can use to build credibility among residents. Alone, it can be more than enough to demonstrate authority. Perfect posture, thoughtful movements, & powerful eye contact can speak louder than words. Hence, it’s ideal for conveying things & feelings without saying anything.

Physical & Mental Fitness

Being physically & mentally fit is crucial for all residential security guards on foot patrol. And why should it not be? Since they have to spend a significant amount of their time walking while patrolling, unfit guards won’t be able to perform their jobs optimally. Further, it can help them respond to incidents efficiently, without feeling exhausted from previous patrols.

Observation Skills

Criminals create chaos silently & in disguise. Which is why hiring professional residential security guards trained to spot even the smallest signs of trouble can ensure complete safety. More importantly, they can understand the difference between a coincidence and a malicious attempt. It is one of those skills that every security guard must possess to create a safer & better environment.

Critical Thinking

Ability to quickly reason is one of the most vital characteristics residential security guards must possess. To do that, they should be able to have great control over their emotions. Staying calm, assertive, & mindful is an essential requirement while working under immense pressure. This allows them to consider the best course of action to minimize disruption and prevent negative outcomes.

Written Communication

Guard tour reporting is that aspect of the residential security guard’s job that they can’t do without, and neither can you as a client. For them to create security guard reports that are simple yet clear and detailed to highlight essential information without asking, requires good written communication skills. So these reports can further be shared in real-time with the clients to access on the go.

Honesty & Integrity 

Honesty & integrity is one of the top characteristics to look for when hiring guards. Every reliable security guard company when hiring them, ensures it by conducting a background check. After all, residential security guards in order to secure access to the building and to protect the residents from crime must possess special access codes, master keys, and sensitive data. They should be honest & trustworthy. 

Conflict Resolution

Confronting angry individuals is one of the most difficult parts of every security guard’s job. It requires learning de-escalation techniques, so they can work constantly to achieve small reductions in the threat levels, leading to better overall conflict resolution. When confronted with a threat, the residential security guards must be able to offer resolution using non-violent tactics by:

  • Listening to the threat
  • Acknowledging the issue
  • Creating areas of agreement
  • Demonstrating empathy
  • Clarifying the threat

Ability To Multitask

Residential security guards must divide their attention in many ways to deliver outstanding security guard services. Their responsibilities aren’t just limited to observing and composing regular observation reports but monitoring alarms & cameras, checking visitor credentials, checking them in & out, conducting security checks, patrolling premises regularly, and so much more. They must be able to multitask.

Team Player

Security guards are often seen working alone than in large groups. However, the untold truth is that they are usually working as a part of larger teams to ensure the property & personnel they are guarding are completely secure. In fact, residential security guards hired from a reliable security guard company must be able to collaborate with others on-site, and that requires them to be a good team player.

A reputable security guard company will ensure that its officers have the above attributes, so should you. At Plaza Protection, we ensure that and provide highly skilled & trained residential security guards with the ability to take on every challenge. To hire our services in the San Francisco Bay Area, call us or drop us an email.