All a client ever wants while hiring professional security guard services is reliability, so it doesn’t lead to a false sense of security. At Plaza Protection it is ensured by constantly keeping eyes on security patrol guards so scheduled patrols are executed without any deviations. Even better, our cutting-edge technology used to track security patrol guards is also used to improve security guard services on every step.

Are you wondering how? Scroll below to find out now.

1. Accountability

One of the greatest benefits of incorporating a guard tracking software to track security patrol guards on-site is enhanced guard accountability & efficiency. No longer does anyone need to assume the job assigned to the security patrol guards will be carried out diligently.

The ability to track every movement of the guards, not only does it minimize their chances of flouting the patrols, but also motivate them to show up on time to provide reliable security guard services. What more can both a security guard company & a client ask for?

2. Reporting

Apart from enhanced guard accountability, another benefit of incorporating a guard tracking software to track security patrol guards is to receive real-time reports. That’s right! It isn’t just about tracking security patrol guards. To be able to report & communicate based on it can significantly improve one’s offerings to the clients.

Instead of waiting for the shift to end, security patrol guards can upload GPS stamped photos, videos, & audio files along with reports while reporting incidents that further can be shared with the clients on the client portal for enhanced service.

3. Safety

Is the safety of the client or their property is all that matters? Well, initially doing just that is the job of security patrol guards but ensuring their safety in order to carry out the job is also essential. That’s where tracking security patrol guards with the help of efficient guard tracking software play a critical role which in turn provides an additional layer of security for the clients.

Even if the security patrol guards miss out on informing the management of an incident, based on their last location easily available on the guard tracking software they can be tracked and help can be sent their way effortlessly.

4. Decision-Making

The Decision-making process is one of the toughest of all, but one way to improve security guard services is to always strive to make better decisions. And there is no better way of doing it than by keeping track of security patrol guards on post-sites and receiving real-time data to make decisions based on it.

This makes it easier to identify team strengths and problematic areas that need changes. Thus, making it one of the attributes you really need in a reliable security patrol company in order to provide extraordinary security guard services.

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