When it comes to securing a big property, every client has two options- hire a foot patrol guards or enlist vehicle patrol security. Hiring foot patrol guards can be beneficial, but hiring vehicle patrol security has its own set of benefits for a bigger property – greater coverage and a more noticeable presence. That makes it one of the most reliable forms of protection. 

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the trademarks of effective vehicle patrol security services, ensuring that you make the right decision and get the most out of your investment.

Highly Visible Presence

Vehicle patrol security is known for its highly visible presence that alone can deter unlawful activities. Ensuring that is also one of the most important functions of vehicle patrol security guards. By constantly moving around, they can act as a deterrent to those who may be wanting to commit crimes or other illegal acts.

Effective Patrol Patterns

Vehicle patrol security, as per the requirement of the client site, can patrol at a random or specific time and can also cover both random and scheduled routes. The ultimate goal of it is eventually to stop loiters, or others engaged in suspicious activities, making the location less victimized. 

Real-Time Reporting

Reporting irrespective of the type of security services hired is crucial, and no security guard company can do without it. Therefore, vehicle patrol guards equipped with the right technology create and share custom digital reports in real-time from any client site. And the clients get to view those reports on the client portal 24/7 via a secure login.

Goes Beyond Vehicle Patrol

Vehicle patrol security from a reliable security guard company not only performs the typical security services but goes beyond that. They perform several other tasks to ensure the optimal safety of the clients. Depending on the property & security requirements, the security patrol guard can leave the vehicle to check doors, gate, windows, and to address other challenges.

Highly-Trained Guards

Security guards on vehicle patrol security services need to be highly trained. They should be able to defuse tense situations. But before that, as they move around quickly, they should also be able to look & listen for signs of something out of order. Responding effectively to what they discover, helps protect people & property while minimizing risk exposure.

Simply Cost-Effective

Since not every business owner can afford, nor is it always necessary to have a huge team of foot patrol guards present around the clock. Vehicle patrol security services, on the other hand, can provide effective deterrence. It provides an affordable and effective means of establishing and ensuring a safer community overall.

Rapid Emergency Response

During emergencies, you need professional security guard services from a reliable security guard company to respond immediately. To take the necessary steps to protect the people & property from danger until help arrives. Vehicle patrol security ensures immediate response time that can be more effective in preventing criminal actions than waiting for the authorities to arrive.

Equipped With Essentials

In order to optimize the performance of the security guards on vehicle patrol, they must be equipped with the required tools. They must have the required documentation, emergency gear, licensed weapon if allowed to carry, and various other tools. Lack of such essential equipment may slow down the operation and even allow a security breach to occur due to the inefficiency of the services.

It is always the minor details, some of which are mentioned above, make the real difference between the kind of security services that you wish to deploy on your property. Make the right decision and hire only professional security services as that of Plaza Protection in the San Francisco Bay Area