Construction sites are vulnerable to various security threats due to the presence of valuable equipment and costly building materials. Left in plain sight and more accessible to would-be criminals make those areas of the site most unsafe. Since every construction site has such weak spots, it can cost millions to contractors if left unchecked. So, here we shed some light on those areas that require foot patrol security and other security measures.

  • Entrance & Exit Points
    Without proper security in place at every entrance & exit of the construction site, anyone can go in and out without your knowledge.
  • Material & Machine Storage
    Expensive materials and valuable heavy equipment storage is the main target of every criminal and therefore one of the most unsafe areas on a construction site.
  • Hazardous Chemical Storage
    Not prone to theft but the safety of the workers on-site can pose a serious security threat, hence requires dedicated security 24/7.
  • Restricted Areas
    Restricted areas on a construction site need to be identified & guarded so only authorized employees with relevant training to work there are provided access.

What Do You Do If Your Construction Site Is Unsafe?

Hire Dedicated Foot Patrol Security

Fences alone to secure the perimeter of a construction site cannot be enough. Hiring dedicated foot patrol security can look out for gaps and patrol the site. Security guards can strictly ensure security and safety protocols are followed. Monitoring the entrance and exits can further ensure unauthorized people are prevented from accessing the construction site and stealing heavy equipment & costly materials.

Implement Check-in & Out Procedures

Keeping track of everyone coming into your construction site can improve your security drastically. In order to do that you need not invest in a visitor management system but in a security guard company that equips its security guards with the required technology. This can further ensure every person on-site is accounted for, especially in case of an emergency.

Keep The Construction Site Well-lit

Ensuring your construction site is well-lit is one of the easiest steps you can take to keep your construction site safe. Since criminals don’t want to be seen, it will help deter criminals by making it way easier to spot them. In fact, having the construction site well-lit will also mean, potential trespassers may believe workers are still on-site.

Install Cameras & Alarms On-site

Having CCTV surveying your construction site 24/7 can deter crime. However, making sure there are security guards to always monitor the screens can ensure they can request their security guard company for immediate dispatch to stop the criminal activity on-site immediately. Even if someone does make off with materials or equipment, you will have footage to share with authorities to find the criminal.

What step do you take to ensure the safety of your construction site?