Vehicle patrol services are one of the best & the most effective security solutions available to secure multiple properties. But the reason why a lot of commercial, as well as residential clients, do not go forward with their plan to instate these services is thinking about the amount of money they need to spend on it. Well, with a security patrol services company like Plaza Protection and its best & cost-effective security solution, it should be the least of your worries.

So, here’s a list of reasons why vehicle patrol services are perfect for you:

Better Security Coverage

Vehicle patrol services allow covering far more ground and that too at a greater pace than security guards on foot patrol. If there are multiple properties that need to be guarded & secured altogether, these services offer greater flexibility. This layer of security in addition to any other ensures no blindspots are taken advantage of.

Authoritative Presence

Vehicle patrol services offer better security presence and that’s why it’s known to project an image of authority & professionalism. The vehicle patrol guards can spot things that aren’t right and take action or report it to the relevant authorities there and then. When such presence is evident on-site criminals tend to stay away and people begin to respect property & personnel a little more.

Visible Crime Deterrent

Criminals are always on the lookout for properties without security to do something illegal, cause a nuisance, or disturb the peace. Hiring vehicle patrol services can serve as a great crime deterrent that will make them at least think twice before attempting anything on-site.

Provide Better GPS Tracking

Yet another advantage of hiring vehicle patrol services is that it provides the clients with GPS tracking abilities. For that, no special piece of equipment is required for the guards to carry along. Just a mobile patrol app is enough to track every them live. For clients to be able to see that live or track their history can provide them with better peace of mind.

Cost-Effective Solution

Hiring vehicle patrol security services in Bay Area is one of the most economical solutions today. It offers a way more reliable way to guard the properties & personnel against criminal activities in addition to carrying out the tasks designated to them via post orders.

Patrol Services

Enhanced Response Time

Vehicle patrol services are one of the best security services available today. Because they are always on the move, they can efficiently take quick & appropriate action. On spotting unlawful activities, they can immediately reach on the spot. They can take control of the situation by dealing with the emergency swiftly and also get quick help from various authorities during an emergency.

Experienced Patrol Guards

Not every security guard is trained to conduct a vehicle patrol. It requires specialized training along with various other licenses. So, if you are going to hire vehicle patrol services, especially Plaza Protection, rest assured that the guards will be well-trained, licensed, experienced, and uniformed to prevent potential crimes on-site.

Quick To Coordinate

Vehicle patrol services are highly effective in enhancing visible security presence on the properties that they are assigned to. What makes it possible is their ability to coordinate. Just one message over a radio or mobile patrol app enough to do that to enhance response time to any incident. While doing the same may not be easy with security guards foot patrolling on-site.

Are you looking for dedicated or random vehicle patrol security services in Bay Area? Plaza Protection is one of the leading providers of vehicle patrol security services in Bay Area. Contact us today to learn more about it, or drop us an email for customized quotes.