Are you torn between which security guard services, vehicle patrol or foot patrol do you need to choose for your business? Well, first of all, know that it’s okay not to know and to feel that way. But, before all that are you sure that your business needs security patrol services?

If yes, then given below are a few factors you can take into consideration while choosing the required security guard services.

1. Visual Presence Matters

Security guards, whether they are on foot patrol or vehicle patrol are easily identifiable. Aren’t they? And well, that is the main idea behind providing security to deter opportunities for criminals from committing crimes.

Even with a limited visible presence, guards on foot patrol can become familiar with the surroundings and the people, creating a better and safer environment. Moving vehicle patrol, on the other hand, with constant movement throughout the property and their well-marked & branded vehicles demonstrate a strong visual deterrence.

2. Human Touch Is Vital

Technology has taken over every aspect of security, and there is no doubt about that. Look around, and you’ll see how technological advancements in security for businesses have changed everything drastically. Despite that, there is nothing like security guards patrolling and protecting the premises.

If your business security lacks the human touch, hiring security guards on foot patrol should be your priority. In comparison to guards on vehicle patrol, they have a greater opportunity to build rapport and establish a trusting relationship with the people.

3. Coverage & Response Time

While hiring either of the security guard services managed using a patrol management system, it is critical to keep in mind the coverage they’ll provide and the time they’ll take to respond to incidents on site.

Security guards on foot patrol will respond quickly, no doubt about that but will definitely be limited to a few floors or blocks of the building. Which is why Plaza Protection equips all its guard with a mobile patrol app linked to a patrol management system to streamline communication.

While vehicle patrol, on the other hand, is great for businesses of all sizes. In less time, security guards on moving vehicle patrol can cover larger areas to further reduce the response time and to deter crime & disturbances quickly & effectively.

4. Cost Is Always A Factor

Whenever there’s a cost involved in hiring specific services, it has always been & always will be a major factor in consideration. Isn’t that correct? Which is why hiring security guard services may seem too expensive but, on the contrary, it can actually save you a lot of money.

That is especially true if your business deals with a lot of criminal activities. However, remember the cost of vehicle patrol & foot patrol may vary from company to company. Therefore, choose your security guard services for the business based on your requirements wisely.

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