Construction companies are constantly building more to fulfill the demand and keep their business going. And construction companies are highly vulnerable to significant losses. The often occurrence of loss on the construction site is caused by theft, but the more significant loss is typically caused by injuries, fires, vandalism, etc.

Therefore, construction companies need to ensure security at construction sites with security guard services. While many construction companies believe that hiring security guard services will cost them money without a real reason or threat, they fail to understand that having security guards can prevent the loss of a significant amount of their money. This can be because they don’t know what security guards can offer on the construction site. Keep reading to find out the duties of security guards in the construction site.

Patrolling For Intruders

Construction site security guards are always visible to potential intruders, which makes them highly effective. Their mere existence on a construction site is often enough to deter crime. Burglars, vandals, and other unwanted visitors are unlikely to enter the construction site if a uniformed security guard comes to their sight. The training of security guards makes them highly alert, vigilant, and capable of spotting suspicious behavior. That is why they have the ability to react quickly and accurately to any potential threat on-site.

Assessing Everyone Entering And Going Out Of The Site

A large number of people enter and go out of the construction site during the day, so it is very important to ensure no unwanted visitors. Construction site security guards are often positioned at the entrance of the construction site to assess anyone entering or going out of the site throughout the day.

Preventing Theft And Vandalism

A security guard observes the happenings within a construction site continuously and prevents any crime by acting quickly in threatening circumstances. A trained security guard will deal with the issue by following a specific procedure, and if he thinks necessary, he will contact for assistance.

Doing Audits Of Site Equipment

Average construction sites have a wide range of costly and heavy machinery and equipment. And they are also very important to a construction project. Therefore, the security guards need to run regular site equipment audits to ensure that the equipment is safe and readily available.

Ensuring Employee Safety

Employees of a construction site sometimes need to work harder or longer to complete the project. While the risk of injury is present at all stages of a project, the risk of injury increases with all the pressure and rush. Security guards should keep an eye on their employees as well as their colleagues to ensure the safety of every personnel by preventing dangerous behavior and activities.

Video Surveillance Monitoring

While it is very important to have foot patrol security guards, it is still good to have at least one security guard in the monitoring room. Security guards get a good view of the entire premises with video surveillance, so it should be turned on during the day as well as the night hours. Officers monitoring the video surveillance should stay alert and keep in contact with other on-site guards.

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t have a good idea about this subject before, we hope now you understand what the duties of a security guard on a construction site are. A good security guard will take good care of your construction site as well as the people around it, which will enable you to focus on some other important aspects of your business.