Your business is at risk if your fire alarm system has failed an inspection, or your sprinkle system is down, or a power outage has knocked your fire alarms off. Fire is a dangerous threat to all residential and commercial properties. Emergencies happen, and when it happens, you need professionals to deal with it. Whenever you find your fire alarm malfunctioning, you need to hire fire watch patrol service. 

What Is A Fire Watch Patrol Service?

A fire watch patrol is a specially trained crew that keeps an eye on your property and looks out for any signs of fire. Below is a list of a few of the things that a fire watch patrol service does during patrol.

  •       Every hour they patrol the floors
  •       Makes sure that walkways and exits are clear 
  •       Identify as well as report any safety issues
  •       In case of fire, sound the alert and contact the fire department 
  •       Carry and use megaphones to alert the building resident in case of fire
  •       Carry flashlights for low light situations
  •       Maintains communication with other officers on-site using two-way radios
  •       Records all patrol activities on the patrol log 

Why Business Should Hire Only Security Companies For Fire Watch Patrol

When you realize that you need a fire watch patrol, you may be drawn to hire a staffing company with day laborer to do the job or use your maintenance staff. While this might save you money, cutting corners like this can get you into real problems. If you need fire watch patrol service, the best option is to hire a licensed security company such as Plaza Protection. Plaza Protection has a team of licensed fire watch guards who will ensure the safety of personnel and your property. Here are a few of the biggest reasons to hire fire watch patrol service. 

They Know What They Are Doing

Fire watch requires specific training, and it is a specified skill. High-quality security companies have training programs for their staff. Trained fire watch guards know what they are doing and what they should look for to ensure safety. 

You Get Faster Response From Security Companies

Security companies have staff on standby, so they can respond to last-minute requests. This allows them to get personnel to your location faster. Companies that offer fire watch patrol service like Plaza Protection can typically provide staff on site within 2-3 hours. 

Fire Watch Guards are Experienced in Overnight Work

When you hire daytime workers to watch your property overnight, they may fall asleep on the job as they are not experienced at it. You need to hire professionals who are accustomed to working overnight. 

If your property requires fire watch patrol service, you should hire a professional security guard company that offers this service. They have the infrastructure, training, and personnel to provide excellent service. Contact Plaza Protection today to hire fire watch patrol service in the San Francisco Bay Area.