Many people think construction sites don’t have many risks of crimes, but that is further from the reality. Site managers know that there is a high risk for criminal activity in construction sites. Sites without after-hours security become an easy target for thieves and criminals. Construction sites are targets for criminals for various reasons, including the presence of valuable items such as tools, vehicles, high-price equipment, and materials.

If you are managing a construction site, you should not ignore the security requirements of a construction site, especially the after-hours security needs. By understanding your security threats, you will be able to develop a strong security plan and prevent big loss and keep your project on schedule.

Why Construction Site Is A Common Target?

Criminals tend to target construction sites due to some key reasons. Reflect on the below points to identify if your site is at high risk for vandalism or theft.

The Site Is Easily Accessible

Many construction sites typically have more than one entrance and exit. And these entrances are frequently filled with property managers, contractors, and workers all day. Therefore, it can be difficult to check the credentials of every visitor and monitor all the access points.

Valuable Construction Materials On-Site

Construction sites always have high-priced materials and equipment. These items are usually kept out in the open, which makes it easy for thieves to have access and steal them.

Besides construction materials, a site also has expensive equipment that criminals can resell, or they may also take out the parts of these equipments to resell.

High Volume Of Materials

Large construction sites usually contain high volumes of materials such as bricks, tiles, and piping. With such a massive supply, it can be challenging for site managers and those who work there to recognize if a theft has occurred. It can be difficult to track materials in a timely manner. Even if you learn that a theft had taken place, it is usually far after the occurrence.

Your Experience Lapses In Security

Once the work is done for the day, the property and materials should not be left unmonitored. Leaving them unmonitored will make them vulnerable to becoming targets of theft. At night, thieves can take darkness and lack of security to their advantage and execute their crimes. Without onsite security guards at night, your property will be at high risk of becoming a target.

Construction Site Security From Plaza Protection

A construction site is vulnerable, and you need professional security guards to protect it. If you own or manage a construction site, contact Plaza Protection Security Guard services today to consult with our security specialists. Our team recognizes the unique vulnerabilities of a construction site and customizes the security plan according to the needs of your construction site.