When it comes to protecting your business and everything you care about most, you certainly can rely on the traditional security guard services or better go for the cutting edge technology. While it might be comforting to stick to security guards services that have been tried, but with real-time video monitoring you can take security to a different level altogether.

Here is what’s all hype regarding real-time video monitoring all about, let’s take a look:

Prevent Chances Of Crimes

One of the greatest benefits of installing a real-time monitoring system is reducing theft and other potential crimes at commercial buildings. However, one limitation of it without having dedicated security guards to monitor them is that you will get to know after the crime has been committed. 

Provide Real-Time Insight

Going through archival footage just to find what you need is so time-consuming. With surveillance cameras, the good thing is that they provide you with real-time monitoring of your property. You can watch things as they happen and keep an eye on the property.

Improve Employee Productivity

Do you think that this state-of-the-art real-time video monitoring system has only one role to play, which is protecting the property from potential criminals? Well, the same system can be used to keep a close watch on your employees as well as security guards patrolling on-site. Being watched constantly imparts a sense of urgency to their duties seriously.

Serve As Criminal Evidence

If a crime is committed on your property or around it, CCTV camera footage can be exceptionally crucial. Not only can it help spot and find out preparatory of the crime, but also use it as a piece of evidence in the court. Therefore, the presence of CCTVs on your premises is not only beneficial for your employees and customers, but also the community.

Monitor High-Risk Areas

Every property is bound to have several high-risk areas where human thoroughfare is extremely limited. Real-time video monitoring provides a great provision of keeping strict round-the-clock vigil on such areas. It further adds a new edge and dimension to commercial security services.

Cut Down Additional Security Costs

Real-time video monitoring in business has the added benefit of reduced security costs. In comparison to hiring round-the-clock security guards for strategic locations, placing CCTVs throughout the premises ends up costing way less. However, hiring dedicated security guards to monitor them and take appropriate actions is highly recommended.

Respond To Incidents Quicker

When there are dedicated security guards constantly monitoring surveillance cameras, it drastically decreases the chances of any incident going unnoticed. Security guards in those situations help respond quickly by sending available security guards to mitigate the threat and contact law enforcement immediately.

Resolve Internal Disputes

Lack of mutual trust between the employees and the lack of coordinated approach to issues is often the reason why businesses are plagued by internal disputes. Having real-time video monitoring can help you watch business proceedings and identify areas that require work to come up with credible solutions.

Improve Parking Lot Security

Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect for every business owner but it doesn’t mean much if the customers and their vehicles are not safe on your property. Adequate lighting and real-time video monitoring in the parking can reduce vehicle break-ins and vandalism, further ensuring the safety of customers 24/7.

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