Designed to entertain a wide variety of customers, all shopping centers have an active and dynamic environment. And all shopping centers have the same challenge of providing a welcoming and safe environment to the large number of people gathering there daily. The COVID-19 pandemic has only further worsened the situation, adding more factors into play in this scenario. Despite all of it, planning and designing an effective security management strategy while incorporating the services of shopping center security guards can help overcome these problems significantly. How? Let’s figure that out.

Virtual Deterrents

Shopping center security guards can detect any suspicious activity and take necessary action. But they act as the perfect deterrents for criminal activities. With their mere presence, they help deter criminal activities and ensure every customer in a shopping center can have a constant positive experience.

Enhance Response Time

Should a theft take place or any other incident, having professional security guards from a reliable security guard company can jump into action immediately. Further, having detailed knowledge of all emergency response procedures, they can control crowds and help keep people calm.

Maintain Order On-Premises

Shopping center security guards play a crucial role in controlling violations of conduct. They ensure that everyone follows the center’s rules and regulations. Any misconduct caused by an employee or a customer that’s reported, guards can be notified and used to take immediate action on the violators and those who have misbehaved.

Patrol The Property

The job of shopping center security guards is to keep the property not only safe during business hours but also when the shopping center is closed. During the night, guards will ensure that all the entrances are locked and secured. They’ll cover as much ground as possible while staying alert and making note of any issue.

Assist Customers In Need

Shopping center security guards are trained to make them approachable to the customers looking for information, who are lost, or those who need additional guidance. These dedicated guards from a reliable security guard company add to the already positive image your customers have of your shopping center.

Create Accurate Reports

Report writing is one of the crucial aspects of every shopping center security guard’s job that is often overlooked. A reliable security guard company will ensure that’s not the case. Plaza Protection guards are trained to report any irregularities or potential breaches to prevent loss, damage, and safety concerns while working in shopping centers, irrespective of the location.

Crowd Control

Shopping center security guards on any other day would have helped manage the crowd to prevent potential risks such as crowd crushes, mob fights, or riots. Today, they are helping ensure that only a limited number of people enter to keep people and resources safe and secure while providing additional assistance.

Thermal Screening

Elevated temperature is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 that has forced every reliable security guard company to train their guards to check the temperature. Since it has become the new norm, shopping center security guards can help ensure sick people don’t enter the premises and spread the virus.

Digitally Surveil Premisses

When a potential criminal knows that your premises are under surveillance, the chances of crime being committed on the property decreases. Shopping center security guards further help with monitoring security cameras, controlling room operations, as well as respond to alarms to ensure it. At Plaza Protection, we also use a patrol management system to have real-time access to vital information of the activities on-site.

Promote Safety 24/7

All shopping center security guards are responsible for ensuring the safety of all customers, employees, and valuable assets. Since they can respond to any unsafe situation appropriately while patrolling the property, their presence provides a great sense of security to both customers and the employees.

Proactive Plaza Protection Security

Plaza Protection’s all shoppings enter security guards have been involved in the security industry for years. They are highly trained and well-experienced professionals in the field. They have the skills and instincts that have been honed over time to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior while patrolling constantly.

If you run a shopping center in the San Francisco Bay Area and are keen to make the most out of dedicated security guards services, here get in touch with Plaza Protection today. One of our security advisors will be more than happy to customize our security guard services as per your specific needs.