Keeping the premises of your organization secure is crucial for the business. It takes a lot of time and effort to protect yourself from security threats. Yet, it’s never enough. To keep up with the forever-changing security needs and requirements, you need to keep enhancing your existing security services. 

In this part of the post, we outline five things you can do to enhance the way you approach physical security services. To go through another set of 5 things you can do to enhance your existing security services, click here.

Reassess Your Security Program Regularly

One of the best ways to enhance the existing security services of an organization is to regularly reassess your security program. Security threats often stem from the ineffective security program in place. 

With its reassessment, aim to identify opportunities for improvement and understand threats, and solutions associated with them. When implemented correctly, they assist in reducing security threats and aligning efforts with the overall strategic goals and objectives of the organization. 

Regularly Review The Tech In Place

Technology is that one thing that is continuously changing. The advancement in it results in new products on the market capable of enhancing your security services while offering various other benefits. 

Upgrading your security system according to the new trends might not always be possible. However, being aware of what is new will help you make the right decision when the time is right to upgrade.

Equip The Guards With Latest Tech

Another measure you may take to enhance your existing security services is to equip your security guards with the most advanced equipment and resources. They’ll help enhance the capabilities of your security guards and enable them to cope with the changing security needs.

We at Plaza Protection, equip all our security guards with a powerful mobile patrol app that’s designed to boost their performance and improve how effectively they can respond on active foot patrol. Using it they can check in/out effortlessly, share guard tour reports, share their live GPS location, create videos and click photos, and do so much more.

Enhance Visitor Management On-Site

Visitor management has become a critical consideration in modern organizations. The for a simple yet secure method of managing visitors and vehicles have never been greater. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a dime to enhance security via it.

Plaza Protection security guard’s mobile patrol app comes with an in-built visitor management system. It enables them to efficiently manage the visitor and vehicles by registering their profiles and visiting information from anywhere in the organization. While the Plaza Protection client portal allows you to view every detail hassle-free.

Look At What CCTV Footage Captures

Regularly going through your security camera’s footage is a great idea. It could provide insights into various trends and patterns of intruders. Thus enabling you to question whether the security cameras need to be adjusted to help you achieve your security goals.

If that sounds a little too complicated, hiring dedicated security guards from a reliable security guard company can do exactly that for you. That can regularly monitor the security cameras and help respond to incidents in real-time and much faster.

Plaza Protection: Hire Dedicated Security Guard Services

If you are looking for a dedicated security guard company in the San Francisco Bay Area with trained and experienced security guards, hire Plaza Protection. We are the leading security guard services provider dedicated to delivering services customized to your needs. To know more, visit us at or contact us today.