Installing CCTV cameras is one of the most sought-after ways for businesses planning to ensure the security of its employees, visitors, clients, and property. This method, over time, has proven to be an impressive crime-prevention strategy. But little do businesses know how to go about it when installing it the first time.

Often taken as a DIY job, it results in poor coverage, unoptimized storage, and insufficient control. Hire professionals to eliminate such problems. Despite that, there are still crucial elements that you’ll need to consider before installing CCTV cameras. To know why your business needs real-time video monitoring click here.

Here, we have listed some of the most important things you need to figure out yourself:

Scrutinize Your Business’s Needs

Before you start installing CCTV cameras, begin with analyzing the precise needs of your business. To do that, take into consideration the size of your property, the type of coverage needed to ensure security, your budget, and the types of cameras – wireless CCTV cameras, bullet cameras, or dome cameras, that you’ll need. 

This step will enable you to determine the number of CCTV cameras you’ll need to purchase.

Mind The Most Sensitive Areas

The type of CCTV cameras you’ll buy also depends on another crucial factor – the type of locations you’ll need to cover on your property. Keeping in mind the most sensitive areas and those that require the least surveillance will make the choice easier. 

For instance, a camera that you’ll place outside your entrance will not be the same as an indoor camera. And that brings us to our next crucial element – not ignoring indoor coverage. Criminals have gotten better at avoiding outdoor cameras. Step up your security inside the building too.

Consider Your Lighting Conditions

CCTV cameras are one of the most effective ways to deter crime. However, even the most powerful ones won’t capture anything if it doesn’t have proper lighting. So, make sure the location to be under surveillance has consistent and sufficient light for the CCTV cameras to pick up identifying details.

For a location that doesn’t have adequate lighting or you don’t want people to know the cameras are there, consider using a night-vision capable CCTV camera coupled with infrared lights invisible to the human eye.

Formally Convey CCTV Implementation

Every state in the US has specific laws around CCTV cameras. The law that stays consistent is that anyone who installs a CCTV camera is liable to let people know that they are watched. This is especially vital for public areas like offices or retail stores.

A sign stating that there are CCTV cameras installed will suffice in a public setting. In an office, formally conveying it to all the employees will be appreciated. Unless, you want them to feel their privacy being invaded.

Seek Formal Permission From Authorities

How CCTV cameras are positioned plays a crucial role. If they affect other businesses or residential dwellings in the neighborhood, you may need to get official permission from relevant authorities. Doing so isn’t legally necessary but a form of courtesy.

While doing so, you must effectively communicate the matter to the relevant authorities and request them to grant you written permission to install the CCTV cameras. 

Contemplate About Video Management & Storage

This is a critical element of a video monitoring system that should not be ignored at any cost. CCTV cameras installed will gather information. In order to access all the data, you’ll need to send and store that data. 

Will that data be stored in a hard drive or cloud storage? Will you have enough space to store all that data? How will you access that, should a crime happen and you need to share the video with the law enforcement? Take into consideration all these elements to enhance your CCTV surveillance program.

Hire Dedicated Security Guards To Monitor Live Feed

CCTV cameras are bound to record footage 24/7. But most of the time, they might not show anything happening. Which is why there is a need for a human review

Combining security guards from a reliable security guard company with a network of CCTV cameras can provide full protection. Security guards are trained to spot threats so can act upon them by calling for help just monitoring videos in real-time.


If you are looking at CCTV cameras for your business, we suggest taking into consideration all the factors mentioned above. Don’t forget to do research on your part and to ask yourself why you think you need CCTV cameras. Determine your business’s needs, locations where the cameras are absolutely necessary, and the type of CCTV cameras needed. Determine what it is that you want out of this setting?

If you’ve made up your mind and only need dedicated security guards from a reliable security guard company in the San Francisco Bay Area to monitor CCTV activity? Hire Plaza Protection with a relentless focus on quality and get access to our proprietary client portal with all the relevant data of your property. For more information, visit us at or request a free quote today.