When it comes to the protection of one’s business, or assets everyone wants the best. Everyone wants to hire the best security guard company, the best security guard service to ensure the business is being fully protected. Vehicle patrol is one of those security services that’s highly visible and appreciated for it. But rarely do business owners fully understand why they should hire it over other services and what to expect. So here’s a list of things you can expect from Plaza Protection vehicle patrol services and hire us.

Customized Security Program

Plaza Protection vehicle patrols are tailored to accomplish different goals of different clients. Our qualified security supervisors design robust security programs based on thorough security risk assessments, that enable them to discover critical and exportable vulnerabilities. This program is then closely implemented combining the right strategies and tactics on client sites.

Observant Vehicle Patrol Guards

All Plaza Protection vehicle patrol guards are trained professionally to observe their surroundings so as to spot things that might pose a security threat. On getting familiar with your business and the individuals who are regularly on-site, guards can easily help spot those who should not be on-site and scan for behaviors and body language that may be suspicious.

Visible Crime Deterrent Security

Properties without visible security are easy targets and every thief’s go-to option. A property protected by visible security guard services is less likely to be a target of illegal activity. Having roving patrols with lights, well-marked, and branded vehicles moving through your property will deliver that strong visual deterrence needed to warn anyone considering committing a crime.

Quality Vehicle Patrol Guards

An active vehicle patrol guard is expected to hear, see, or smell something suspicious going on while roving around your property. With Plaza Protection vehicle patrol, that’s exactly what you get. Vehicle patrol guards, fully licensed, insured, and trained to perform surveillance patrols, observe and report, investigate suspicious activities, and much more.  

Quick Response To Incidents

Traditional security guard services take some time to reach the incident site. If you wish to eliminate that and want the guards on the incident site immediately, Plaza Protection vehicle patrol services are exactly what you need. Roving security services are quick to respond and also highly recommended in areas with high crime rates and disturbances.

GPS Tracked Vehicle Patrols

One of the most common problems almost every other security guard company faces is that their clients have no way of knowing where their security guards are. However, at Plaza Protection, we ensure that is not the case. We equip our vehicle patrol guards with state-of-the-art GPS technology so you can always know the status of the vehicle patrol in real-time.

Monitor On-Site Activities Live

Since security is a serious business, it requires continuous supervision. Having a dedicated supervisor with a guard on-site may not always be possible. So we at Plaza Protection make use of a patrol management system. It allows us to track every activity of our guards on-site from a remote location. More importantly, it allows us to give access to the client portal to all our clients to not only monitor on-site activities live but also to collaborate.

Conclusion: All-Round Safety And Security

Plaza Protection’s highly visible vehicle patrol services are designed to meet the specific needs of every client. The vehicle patrol guards are trained to be observant to deter crime and report everything happening on the client site. Not only us but our clients are equipped with the latest technology to track every activity, ensuring that your business and property is kept safe and secure at all times

To hire Plaza Protection vehicle patrol services in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact us or request a free quote today. We are the leading providers of security guard services to numerous industries with utmost dedication.