Healthcare facilities are one of the most active public places that maintain an open door policy. For preventing criminal activities and to maximize safety and security, you’ll need to hire the healthcare security services of a reliable security guard company.

If you are looking for that kind of service, we, at Plaza Protection, are the leading provider of healthcare security services in the San Francisco Bay Area, implementing hospital rules and regulations efficiently. We provide unobtrusive, yet effective security services.

But is that all you should be looking for in healthcare security services? Absolutely not! Here’s exactly what else to look for: 

Specialized Healthcare Security

Healthcare facilities are one of those institutions with a unique environment that is vulnerable to a number of specific security threats, requiring specific security guard services. The reason being doctors and nurses are often attacked. Patients try to escape the facility before getting discharged. And visitors act violently at times, putting everyone at risk. 

Trained hospital security guards are well aware of the practices and strategies that can mitigate such situations and reduce the risks. They can help create a secure and safe environment for everyone in the healthcare facility.

De-Escalate Situations Smoothly

A minor situation in a healthcare facility can quickly turn dangerous if not handled properly. That is why hospital security guards skilled in verbal and non-verbal de-escalation techniques are an absolute must. Using them, they can quickly calm irate individuals and unruly patients, diffuse tense situations, and maintain peace and order.

While looking for reliable healthcare security, add this element to the list of things to look for before hiring the security guard company. Further, ensure they provide evidence that their hospital guards are trained to implement de-escalation techniques accurately and smoothly. 

Report Incidents Comprehensively

In healthcare facilities, security incidents often end up in violent disputes. And when they do, the job of hospital security guards is to mitigate the situation. The job of hospital security guards also involves reporting them to protect the healthcare facility from complicated legal holds. 

This is why your healthcare security guards must be well-versed in creating comprehensive incident reports. Also, well-equipped with the latest technology to click photos, record audio and videos, and attach them in reports to give a clear picture of what happened. 

Plaza Protection Healthcare Security:

Every healthcare facility has its own unique security needs and that is so true. Therefore, we at Plaza Protection are committed to developing a custom security program just for your facility. It includes: highly trained and experienced hospital security guards, the latest technology, mitigation, emergency management, and additional consulting to create the safest environments possible. Request a free quote or contact us today to know how we can help you.