The struggle of managing a team of professional security guards on the client site is real. What makes this laborious task a piece of cake for us at Plaza Protection is the GPS tracking module of our proprietary patrol management system. Designed to help us monitor our security guards, it also assists them on patrol, ensuring they do their job efficiently. It’s that one perfect solution required to increase guard accountability for improving daily operations on client sites.

However, accountability is not all about discovering what a security guard is doing wrong on the client site, it is more about what he’s doing right. That way, through GPS tracking security guards, can take more responsibility for their jobs, have more clarity of tasks without being micromanaged, and self-correct themselves, discovering areas of improvement that could make them more productive.

Finally, with greater accountability, security guards are able to perform way efficiently, improving security guard services significantly. Take a look at the infographic shared below to know exactly how GPS tracking helps enhance our guard accountability.Patrol Management System

If you are looking for dedicated security services in the San Francisco Bay Area with security guards trained and experienced to work in several industries, hire Plaza Protection. We are the leading professional security services provider dedicated to delivering customized services to your needs using a dedicated patrol management system. To know more, visit us at or contact us today.