The current pandemic crisis has severely strained law enforcement resources. To their rescue, security guard companies and their dedicated security guards have stepped in to provide vital security and support. Across the United States, they are playing the crucial role of ensuring the safety of businesses and people amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They are taking precautionary steps to help businesses like yours stay in-front of potential security issues that can compromise your reputation.

If you care about your business, people, and place, but need more reasons to hire dedicated security guards, here’s exactly what you need to think about before investing in security guard services

  1. The rules related to COVID-19 are continuously changing, threatening businesses with new and changing security concerns every day. To keep up with that and more, you will need dedicated security guard services.
  2. Because people are confused, fatigued, out of work, depressed, and angry due to COVID-19, it’s the businesses that are bearing the brunt of their fears, uncertainty, and anxiety in this pandemic.
  3. Whether you are a business or a property owner who is closed or working at the moment, you will need vigilant and dedicated security guards that keep watching on what you own at all times.
  4. Criminals are taking full advantage of this situation to commit crimes in masks. And now that everyone due to the COVID-19 pandemic is wearing masks to protect themselves, you need to ensure that all your employees and visitors feel as safe and guarded as possible. 
  5. Maintaining order, ensuring masks are being worn, using thermal scanners to take the temperature of all employees, visitors, and residents, enforcing social distancing rules and regulations, and also the new health and safety protocols have become the new normal for dedicated security guards. 
  6. A security guard company like Plaza Protection in these tough times is offering security guard services tailored to businesses’ needs and security guards well-trained in procedures and equipped with technology to handle crises on-site.
  7. One thing every business needs in these tough times is business continuity. It often refers to those activities that are performed daily to maintain services, consistency, and recoverability. Hiring a security guard company prepared with its business continuity plan will ensure the safe, continued operation of your business during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  8. Dedicated security guards are the need of the hour especially to safeguard the non-essential business and other venues such as schools that have been closed but still require top-notch security guard services.
  9. You need dedicated security guards in uniform to effectively maintain building access, monitor those entering the building, and enforce the necessary security protocols. It includes logging all those who enter and exit the premises while denying access to those not authorized or who are displaying signs of the virus.
  10. The presence of dedicated security guards in uniform can also help deter people from creating a scene on your property. If an event does occur, security guards trained in such scenarios can easily respond to such volatile situations and take action to safeguard your business.
  11. The presence of security guards on-site can alleviate the pressure and help the business continue to be functional and profitable. Hiring dedicated security guards with comprehensive training will ensure that they maintain peace and order in the event of volatile situations.

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