Shopping centers in America are always crowded. Some people go to purchase items, some to catch up with friends, and some to enjoy a good meal. Shopping centers also host large crowds at special events and occasions. It is not possible to manage such large crowds and ensure their security without proper security measures in place. One of the most effective security solutions for shopping centers is foot patrol security. Keep reading to learn the importance of foot patrolling at shopping centers and how it can help to keep your shopping center a safe and secure place to visit.

Property Patrol

Foot patrol security guards patrol the shopping centers during business hours as well as when the mall is closed. These guards are trained and capable of covering large ground to ensure there are no vulnerable areas in the shopping center.

While patrolling on foot, the guards can identify and report any security issues and, if needed, respond appropriately to protect the property, staff, and guests. The presence of security guards on-site also serves as a visual deterrent to criminals. They also ensure the shopping center is secure at night as well, by making sure all the entry point is locked and secure.

Promote A Safe Environment

The presence of foot patrolling at shopping centers provides peace of mind to the shoppers and employees. They provide various valuable services to the shopping center, such as escorting VIPs and employees to their vehicles at night.

They can secure access to restricted areas within the shopping centers. Foot patrol guards also hunt for signs of hazards to prevent it from turning into a major disaster, such as fire hazards and structural damage.

Deter Criminal Activities

The mere presence of foot patrol security can prevent criminal activities. Criminals will try to avoid areas with security guards because they don’t want to get caught, which will significantly reduce criminal activity.

Security guards can also recognize suspicious behavior and prevent criminal activity such as shoplifting. They are capable of detaining the perpetrator until the law enforcement arrives. And if any situation starts to get out of hand, they are trained to de-escalate it to keep the people around safe.

Maintaining Order

Another important thing that security guards do is maintain the order in the shopping center. This is especially important on the days of major sales or events when large lines and crowds gather at the shopping centers. They can also clear the path for emergencies such as medical attention or for a response team.

Customer Service

While customer service is not the primary duty of foot patrolling security at shopping centers, they can help customers with questions regarding the mall’s operations and layout. This will improve customer experience, which will enhance the reputation of the shopping center within the community.

Foot patrolling at shopping centers are very necessary to keep the businesses and the people safe. Plaza Protection provides premium foot patrolling security to shopping centers. We consider the unique needs of your shopping center and devise a security plan to make your shopping center secure in every way. Reach out to us today to learn more about our security services.