Are you looking for reliable foot patrol security that can monitor everything on-premises and report back efficiently in real-time? Foot patrol security guards who can immerse themselves into the community by being more interactive to the extent that promotes a safer and healthier work environment for everyone around? 

Redefine your security standards with Plaza Protections’ reliable and custom foot patrol security services adapted to meet the unique risks and challenges.

Plaza Protection’s Foot Patrol Security:

Hiring foot patrol security guards for your business may seem unnecessary, but it isn’t. Acts of violence can occur on premises without prior notice which is why hiring professional foot patrol security guards is vital.

Our foot patrol guards are actively trained to focus on things that matter. That enables them to focus on their duties, refrain from any distractions, and provide highly effective foot patrol security service.

Plaza Protection makes use of cutting-edge patrol management system to not only deliver outstanding security guard services but also to monitor guards working on your site. For more information, watch the video below:


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Hire Dedicated Security Guard Services Today:

Plaza Protection provides 24/7 security guard services in San Jose with a team of highly trained guards who are licensed, insured, and uniformed to patrol actively and report efficiently. 

If you are looking for a dedicated security guard company in the San Francisco Bay Area with trained and experienced security guards, hire Plaza Protection. We are the leading security guard services provider dedicated to delivering services customized to your needs. To know more, visit us at or contact us today.