The first and foremost job of every HOA is to ensure the security and safety of every resident in the community. After all, it is one of the primary things every resident looks for when investing in a property. Not providing that by just assuming crime won’t happen in your community is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. Not that there’s a community or a neighborhood that is immune from crime, but being prepared is all what it takes to ramp up HOA security.

Here’s exactly how to do it and how Plaza Protection can help:

Conduct Security Risk Assessment

The first step towards improving HOA security and safety involves conducting a security risk assessment. It helps identify the critical and exploitable vulnerabilities, enabling the security guard company like Plaza Protection to make informed decisions and provide detailed guidance for remediation.

Identify And Maintain Sensitive Areas

Most of the crimes on any property often occur in areas that are sensitive or not well-maintained. Hiring dedicated security guards can add another layer of security and protect sensitive areas. While scheduling regular maintenance is an easy and effective way to ensure the community is cared for to deter crime seamlessly. 

Effectively Utilise Camera To Monitor

Relying solely on CCTV’s for the safety of the community is a huge mistake often made. So, even if you have a set of cameras strategically placed within the community but without regular monitoring, they are ineffective. Using it in combination with trained Plaza Protection guards to monitor them and cover blind spots on foot and vehicle patrol can ensure maximum protection.

Educate Every HOA Resident

It’s true that HOA’s scope is limited to a few common areas, but with the help of the residents, it can be expanded to their homes. How? Educate each one of them on safety protocols. It will ensure they report anything suspicious to the security guards hired for HOA security. The security guards further notify the concerned authorities if resolving the issue is out of their scope.

Maintain Proper Landscaping At All Times

In an enclosed community, overgrown foliage acts as the perfect screen from the outside world. But for the criminals, it serves as a good hiding place. In order to prevent them from taking advantage of your landscaping, it becomes vital for you to ensure either maintain proper landscaping at all times or plant thorny shrubs to serve as barriers.

Ramp Up Your Security When Needed

Pay attention to the latest crime news and trends in the area. If the people in the neighborhood are facing constant security threats and thefts, it’s your cue to ramp up your security immediately. Do take certain times of the year into consideration, for instance, holidays or when the community gets more visitors to see if the security needs changes. 

Regularly Update Security Procedures

Better security procedures can be realized only by clearly identifying critical and exploitable vulnerabilities and threats. At Plaza Protection, our security supervisors, based on thorough security risk assessment, design site-specific robust security programs. Once that’s done, we ensure it is then closely implemented and regularly updated.

Hire Dedicated Security Guard Services

One of the easiest ways to ensure HOA security is by hiring dedicated security guard services. Professional security guards who have the proper experience to prevent crime and patrol the community as desired is good investment. If you are worried about getting into the details of it, for instance, the number of guards needed, don’t worry Plaza Protection has got it all covered.

If you are looking for a reliable security guard company with a decade of experience in providing HOA security, Plaza Protection is the one for you in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us or request a free quote to find out exactly how we can help meet your security goals.