The use of CCTV cameras is a common security measure that many businesses and public spaces rely on to monitor activity and deter crime. While CCTVs are undoubtedly useful, several elements should be considered before installing them and even more important it’s essential to recognize that they cannot replace the role of human guards. Dedicated security guards provide an additional layer of protection, actively monitor for security threats, and can respond quickly in emergency situations. 

In this article, we will explore the reasons why hiring dedicated guards to monitor CCTVs is more crucial than ever.

Personal Touch

A dedicated security guard provides a personal touch to security monitoring that a camera cannot. A guard can interact with individuals and deter potential threats through their presence and communication skills. This can help to prevent crimes before they occur.

Immediate Response

In case of any suspicious activity, a human guard can monitor the CCTV footage in real-time and immediately respond to the situation and take appropriate action. CCTVs can capture the footage, but it’s up to a human to intervene and prevent the incident from escalating. They can identify suspicious activity or individuals and take appropriate action, such as sounding an alarm or calling law enforcement.

Proactive Surveillance

CCTV cameras capture footage, but they cannot actively monitor for suspicious activity. A dedicated security guard can actively survey the premises. They can also move around the premises, conduct patrols, observe individuals’ behavior, and detect potential security threats before they escalate to ensure that all areas are secure.

Prevention of False Alarms

Dedicated guards monitoring CCTV footage can differentiate between false alarms and genuine security threats. This can prevent unnecessary alarms that can lead to security complacency and apathy.

Technical Issues

CCTVs can experience technical issues, such as malfunctioning cameras, wiring problems, or power outages. A dedicated security guard can identify and resolve these issues promptly, ensuring that the cameras are always functioning correctly. This can prevent downtime and ensure that the cameras are capturing footage effectively.

Decision Making

CCTV cameras capture footage of events, but it can be challenging to interpret the footage without context. The security guards can analyze the footage and identify patterns or behaviors that may indicate a security threat. They can make quick decisions based on their experience and training, whereas a CCTV cannot make decisions. For example, a guard may decide to evacuate a building in case of a fire, while a CCTV cannot do that.

Improved Customer Service

In addition to providing security, dedicated security guards can also improve customer service by assisting visitors, answering questions, and providing directions. This can enhance the overall experience of visitors and create a positive image of the business or public space.

Prompt Response to Emergencies

A human guard can immediately respond to any security threat captured on CCTV footage, whereas a CCTV camera cannot intervene. Guards can assess the situation, decide when to escalate a situation and call law enforcement or initiate evacuation procedures to prevent further harm. CCTV cameras do not have the judgment or decision-making ability of a human guard.


Security guards can adapt to changing situations and respond to different types of security threats. They can also provide a physical presence in areas where cameras may not be effective, such as parking lots or outdoor areas.

Security Guard

In conclusion, while CCTV cameras are a valuable tool for security monitoring, having dedicated security guards to monitor them is essential. Guards provide a human touch to security monitoring, can respond quickly to security threats, and provide additional services such as customer service and emergency response. CCTV cameras and security guards work together to create a comprehensive security system that can deter crime and provide peace of mind. To monitor the CCTV camera continuously, hire Plaza Protection security guards in the San Francisco Bay Area immediately.