Protecting an industrial site can sometimes result in frustrating challenges. If adequate challenges are not taken care of, it can leave the site prone to attacks from intruders, and that can be devastating for both the business and the property. If you are looking to improve your industrial site security, it is important to identify the weak points and work on them continuously.

So, let’s take a look at the following tips to improve industrial site security.

Perimeter And Fences

By default, the first defined boundary of the premises on every industrial site is the perimeter wall. It not only helps define the boundary of the organization but also acts as the first line of defense to ensure against unauthorized intrusion and potential security threats just like private patrol services does. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in a well-designed boundary for your industrial site.

Watch Towers

A watch town is an elevated platform that’s used by security guards to watch and observe certain areas. They help provide security cover to a larger area and to watch the area in and outside of the perimeter wall and fencing. 

While establishing this means of industrial side security, make sure the cabin of the watch towers should have unbreakable glass windows or iron grills, there are revolving lights, and modern communication devices and gadgets.

Security Guard Patrolling

One of the most effective ways of providing security on an industrial site is through security guard patrolling. It’s done in those areas where it is not possible to provide static sentry post and via two methods – foot or on vehicles.

Foot patrols are highly effective since security guards move slowly and observe the area in much greater detail. While vehicle patrols can cover a much larger area than foot patrols in a much shorter time. They also have the advantage of being able to chase criminals who are mobile.

Security Lighting Systems

Lighting plays a crucial role in the security of any undertaking. When it’s done properly, it helps protect people and property from criminal activities and creates a perception of security. Apart from that, it works by two indirect mechanisms. 

Firstly, facilitating surveillance by the security guards and the community after dark. Secondly, enhancing the confidence of the community which in turn increases the degree of informal social control.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are one of the quintessential things without which industrial site security isn’t complete. They provide an early warning of unauthorized breaches in the facility’s perimeter to the security guard company. 

However, it is only valuable in conjunction with other security measures designed to detect, delay, and respond. Therefore, all of them must be monitored and linked to a pre-determined response. 

Note: Use single sector or sectioned alarm systems to give coverage to a specific area of risk.

Do these tips to improve your industrial site security sound practical and relatable? Stay tuned to find out more about such ways in our next blog.

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