Security shouldn’t start the moment your clients or employees set their foot inside the front door of your building. It should start the moment they park their vehicles in the parking lot. After all, it’s one of those places that are most vulnerable to all sorts of crimes and is a hotbed for illegal activities. To identify and prevent potential threats in parking lots, parking enforcement guards play a critical role.

Their mere presence can force the criminals to think twice before breaking into cars, vandalizing, or committing other crimes in parking lots. To ensure a high level of security, there are qualities that parking enforcement guards of a reliable security guard company must possess.

Today we will be specifically discussing those qualities, including excellent verbal and written communication skills and strong interpersonal skills in the infographics shared below. Let’s take a look.

Security Guard Company

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If you are concerned about the safety and security of your parking lot, you need the security guard services of a reliable security guard company. 

At Plaza Protection, we have been providing dedicated parking lot security guard services in the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade. All our security guards are highly trained and our services customizable. Contact us for more details or visit our website for more information.