Plaza Protection is committed to providing tailored residential security guard services in uniform and casual attire with the right technology to patrol and monitor your residential community effectively in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

To keep things functioning in residential communities, we provide security guards rigorously trained to ensure complete security. We also ensure that all our residential security guards learn the rules that govern your community. As well as strategically place them at the entrance and exits of the building to stop intruders.

We at Plaza Protection understand that different industries have different security needs. Therefore, we design our services with flexibility in mind, ensuring you receive the right protection. To ensure a safe and secure environment, hire our residential security guard services today.

Residential Security Guard Services

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Hire Dedicated Security Guard Services Today:

Plaza Protection provides 24/7 security guard services in San Jose with a team of highly trained guards who are licensed, insured, and uniformed to patrol actively and report efficiently. 

If you are looking for a dedicated security guard company in the San Francisco Bay Area with trained and experienced security guards, hire Plaza Protection. We are the leading security guard services provider dedicated to delivering services customized to your needs. To know more, visit us at or contact us today.