How We Use GPS Tracking To Enhance Guard Accountability?

The struggle of managing a team of professional security guards [...]

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How Security Guards Ensure HOA Community’s Safety?

Hiring security guards is one of the most effective risk [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Hiring Private Security Services For Your Business

Hiring private security services for a business is one of [...]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About A Patrol Management System

Today, most of the security guard companies are well aware [...]

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Hiring Your First Security Services Company: Mistakes To Avoid

Hiring a security services company for the very first time [...]

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Six Good Reasons To Hire A Security Guard Company With The Latest Technology

Even if it may look like drones & robots will [...]

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5 Ways Construction Site Security Guards Deter Vandalism & Boost Security

The damage caused due to vandalism on construction sites is [...]

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4 Things Every Daily Activity Report Should Unquestionably Include

For every security guard company, a daily activity report is [...]

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How To Separate Performing Private Security Guards From Under-Performing Ones?

Separating high performing private security guards from the under-performing ones [...]

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How To Hold Your Security Patrol Company Accountable For On-Site Patrols

Holding your security patrol company accountable for the on-site patrol [...]

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